Friday, 12 June 2009

Fingers like

blocks of ice, so cold they almost hurt.
Yes. It is winter, down under style.
This doesn't mean snow and ice but does mean humid wet style cold and bitter driving winds that cut through any and all layers of fabric.

As the sun sets here the sky to the west is painted rosy pink and salmon. 

I went to the gym this morning while everyone slept and after a yoga class and some cardio I came home girded and ready to tackle the washing pile - only to find it had been begun!!  Yeah!!  Who said you can't teach old dogs new tricks?

That said Tess is dropping Lizzie and Abigail to us to spend the evening.  Pandy has organised a birthday party for her boyfriend Nick and we get the littlies ( I much prefer that to a night of partying!!)

And tomorrow we have soccer at 11.40 followed by a visit with mum and then a cutting of the cake for me!! Yes. Tomorrow is my birthday. 


  1. Let me be the first to wish you a VERY Happy Birthday. Sorry you're suffering the dreaded Winter stuff. I am so thankful the weather is Spring-like here, and kind of sad that the days will start getting shorter on June 21. That's my least favorite day of the year. lol. Great that you're getting help with the laundry. Send her my way. Ha. Hugs.

  2. PS: Could you drop me an E Mail at I seem to have misplaced your E Mail address, and would like to have it again. If that's OK with you. Hugs.

  3. You bet I will and thank ou. After soccer.

  4. I hope you had a very very happy birthday :) I'm getting together some goodies that I'll be sending your way very soon.

    Love you :)