Tuesday, 16 June 2009

What most makes me smile...

If you look at Abigail, what you see is the smaller version of me. 

She is exactly as I was in mien, in spirit and in looks.  It is like stepping back in time, and delightful when you consider so many seek eternal youth and immortality, and there in that small morsel of love made flesh IS my embodied immortality.  My dna is running around in that small morsel of human delight.

At not quite 4 months, she is so determined to lurch into life and living and her disposition is sunny.  When you hold her, she is not a clumsy cuddle - rather she nestles and snuggles and fits.   People cross roads and streams of mall traffic to come and coo and goo and Abi holds court rewarding those drawn in with the widest of smiles.  I watch her eyes drinking in everything and everyone, and then tapping the knowledge down deep.  She lacks no confidence either. 

I feel blessed and honoured she is with us.  


  1. I have a feeling you love that little bit of humanity that has entered your life. Why do I understand you so well? lol

  2. You have such a wonderful family, and I can't wait to meet them all one of these days :)

    Love you!

  3. fantabulousdi@yahoo.com...please? Hugs.

  4. What pleasure it is to watch them grow...sweetness is a wonderful thing.

  5. Dorrie - I suspect I know exactl,y why..LOL. Wizzy, I would love to include you in our zoo... I am biased and I find them all so wonderful. I am honoured tht I have the privelege of this time with them. Maggs

  6. It is such a joy reading of your happiness and pleasure enjoying your family. *smiling* Thanks so much for sharing.

  7. Smiling my friend.Smiling warmly at you and what you wrote:)

    She's simply adorable.