Sunday, 14 June 2009

What does love look like?

Love is:
  • a half girl/half woman bullying older sisters to ensure they remember my birthday and remember to call me and spoil me on the day.  She did it by phone call and text message and was relentless.  And I adore her for it. Thank you Leonnie for understanding how much these things mean to me.
  • an 82 year old frail woman, my mother, wanting to catch buses and go and buy things to cook and make a feast for me and mine to make me feel special.   As it was my birthday I could stop it and instead picked up delicious cheeses, a variety of crackers, cabanossi, fruit ( for a platter) and a cheesecake and a vanilla sponge.
  • my daughter (Tess) telephoning me and offering me MsLizzie ( aged 3) and Abigail ( aged 4 months) for Saturday night instead of calling a babysitter.    She knew Geni and I had soccer on Sunday and it was my birthday so she isn;t want to burden me.  How can those two be a burden?  It was a delightful time.   I  have asked her to stop being 'considerate' and instead to ask me.  I know I can say no if I am unable for any reason, but I would like first right of refusal.   It would only be rarely I would say no!!
  • A veritable feast of stationary items for me to fill with thoughts and feelings and words
  • NOT having to be the one to do all the washing, cooking and cleaning on the weekend


  1. Sounds like your girls are treating you well, as is your mother. What a nice show of love on your birthday. Hugs.

  2. A belated Happy Birthday - sounds like a wonderful day & that you are loved!

  3. A belated Happy Happy Birthday to you! I am so glad it was full of joy love and laughter!!
    {{hugs}} and much love- Gina

  4. oh, I missed your birthday! It sounds like it was a lovely day.