Thursday, 11 June 2009

I should have waited before speaking up....

Yesterday I got to 2pm full of the attitude of gratitude to receive a phone call telling me Amy ( 22) was at the hospital. Her throat had swollen shut and she was in terrible pain and couldn't swallow. I was about to head into a planned meeting, so went into that and grabbed a bag and immediately afterwards straight out the door and to the hospital to sit with her as long as I was able.

The doctor diagnosed a bacterial infcction and an allergic reaction and although she wasn't admitted it was a stressful couple of hours. Still, thinking things through, it could have been so much worse!! She is miserable and sore but had been topped up with antibiotics to kick start fighting the infection. and I got to spend some time with the gorgeous Ms Abigail who is quite the ray of sunshine. She coos, goos and generally lights up and is as fat as they come.


  1. OmGoodness! That would be frightening! I am glad Amy will be all right!!

    I bet the baby is getting big...and as beautiful as her big sister! *smiling* Kiss her sweet face for me, will you?

    Keeping you all in my heart, thoughts, and prayers- Gina

  2. oh, dear... glad it got taken care of in time and you could be there for her. {hugs}

  3. Hoping for a quick recovery for Amy!